Learn about the South Alabama Gator Club, the official UF Alumni Association organization in Mobile and Baldwin Counties on the Gulf Coast of Alabama.

In all kinds of weather we all stick together...and GET together to watch games. Click here to learn about our viewing parties or scroll down for an update on our next viewing party.

The Reeses Senior Bowl affords a unique opportunity for our club. That's when we hold a player appreciation dinner for Gators who have been invited to the Senior Bowl. Click to learn more.

2014 Gator Appreciation Dinner for Seniors

[NOTE: See RSVP information below.]

Each year, the South Alabama Gator Club gets to do something no local UF alumni chapter across the country can do. We honor the senior Gator players who are in town for the Senior Bowl. (Or as it’s called this year, the Reeses Senior Bowl.) It’s a great chance for us to get together and celebrate all they’ve done, the way they’ve represented the university and the effort they’ve made to help the Gators succeed. Every year, it’s a blast. We hang out, we chat, we eat, we make some new friends.

This year’s Florida Gator Senior Bowl participants are Jon Halapio from St. Pete and Jaylen Watkins from Cape Coral. They’ll be in town all week, but the Senior Bowl committee only provides this one evening for players to hang out with their local alumni chapter. We want as many Gator fans as possible on hand to celebrate our players and their accomplishments. Efforts are being made right now to arrange for the players to attend.



Here’s the skinny on this year’s Gator Appreciation Dinner for our seniors.

  • WHAT: Gator Appreciation Dinner
  • WHERE: Moe’s Original BBQ, 701 Spring Hill Ave., in downtown Mobile. (Where Spring Hill meets Dauphin).
  • WHEN: Tuesday, January 21, 2014
  • WHAT TIME: 5:30-8:00 pm
  • HOW MUCH: $30 per person

Moe’s makes some good eatin’ barbecue, so you don’t want to miss this opportunity. The cost for the event covers your meal and the player’s meal. And any that’s leftover will go into our scholarship fund.

It’s very important that you RSVP if you’re planning to attend. You can do so by clicking RSVP to send an email to our secretary, Diana Laier.

Go Gators!

What? The season is almost here?

Where have we been?

We have no way of proving it, but we’re pretty sure Gators hibernate. That must explain our long silence. (Okay, if you do a quick Google search about alligators and hibernation, you’d know we’re just making that part up.)

But we’re back and we’re getting ready for another great season of Gator football. This last year was awesome. Not only did we have viewing parties, a Player Appreciation Banquet, and a Senior Bowl Tailgate, we also participated in International Gator Day, helping our local Cystic Fibrosis chapter take “Great Strides” towards a cure for CF.

Get ready, Gators. It’s going to be a great season.

International Gator Day 2013

This year, on May 18, 2013, we’re volunteering with the local chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for their Great Strides event. The event is a fundraising walk where participants solicit pledges and donations for their participation. We’ll be helping with the race set up and registration as well as providing water to the runners/walkers. Ironically (or maybe serendipitously) the race will take place at Five Rivers State Park, just a few miles down the causeway from where our club meets for football viewing parties in the fall.

The hours we’ll be needed are 7:00 a.m to noon on that Saturday. Watch our Facebook page for more information about how to be involved. Or send us an email here to “RSVP” for your involvement.

International Gator Day

Save the Date!

Some South Alabama Gators at a volunteer project a few years ago.

International Gator Day will be May 18th and we’re finalizing the project our club will be volunteering on. It’s an important way for each of us to say we’re not just Gator-Takers, we’re Gator-Givers.

You can learn more about the day and what other clubs around the world are doing by clicking here.

Map to Senior Bowl 2013 Tailgating

Use this map to find your way to the South Alabama Gator Club Senior Bowl tailgating location. (It’s where the white arrow is pointing.) Parents and family of Gators are most certainly welcome. Any other Gator fans are welcome, too. It would be appreciated if you brought a food or beverage to share.


Texas A&M Warm-Up

The South Alabama Gator Club will be watching some Gator football at Tacky Jacks. But if you’re making the trip to College Station (according to Will Muschamp, that’ll be the only time you go), here’s a handy-dandy survival guide, courtesy of EverydayShouldBeSaturday.com. (Apologies in advance for some the the salty language. We don’t write it; we link it.)